This list is inspired by Robert’s Big List O Ideas. Just like his ideas, some of the ideas here are nearly possible, (with a bit of work), while others are merely dreams and science fiction. Feel free to adopt them and realize them. If you do, please drop me a line.

I hope you’ll keep them free and open source.

  1. 3D Printed Crayon
    1. An SLS printer that prints crayons. Mechanics could be similar to Andreas Bastian’s SLS wax printer.
  2. Pink Lemons
    1. Genetically modified lemons to be pink. Could start with a white knockout lemon and insert pink floral gene. There are lemon-grapefruit crossbreeds but they are only pink on the outside.
    2. “Pink lemonade made from real pink lemons.”
  3. Tiny Woolly Mammoths
    1. Dog sized woolly mammoths or smaller. Tiny migrations across the table.
  4. WebGL Model Downloader
    1.  Word on the street is that you can reverse engineer a rendered 3D model in WebGL to ‘download’ said model. No idea if possible, but intriguing.
  5. Cheap 8-Sample Miniprepperer
    1. Have a robotic arm load samples into centrifudge. Can you existing 8 column pipetter.
  6. GATTACA Enzyme
    1. A restriction enzyme that cuts at the GATTACA site
  7. Glasses Designs from Genetic Algorithms
    1. Programmatically create a population of glasses designs, and have users be the fitness test. Create better designs through genetic algorithms.
  8. Artificial Vines
    1. Programmatically created vines that engulf a given object. Have break points, so they can be 3D printed and assembled in real life.

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