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Favorite Tools

  • Blender – free software for all your 3D needs (even has video editing!)
  • MeshLab – free software that handles a lot of problems (non-manifold meshes, reducing polygon count, etc.)
  • VisualFSM – free software for photogrammetry
  • netfabb Basic – $0 quick and easy tool to simple mesh repair
  • Sculptris – $0 digital sculpting and 3D painting tool

Other Useful Sites

  1. Finally re-watching your PyCon 2015 “3D Glasses with Blender” talk. I really liked it when I saw it live, and “bookmarked” it as “one of the talks I really need to watch again and take notes”. I’m new to Blender and new-ish to 3D printing. How did you get your SVG loaded? Does Blender just read SVGs or did you need to script that as well? (I’m guessing the former.) P.S. Are you planning on PyCon 2017 in Portland? Giving any talks?

    • Jenny said:

      Blender already handles importing SVGs. I am planing to go to Pycon 2017! Not giving any talks though.

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