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Tangerine is the new black, but so much sweeter.

I broke out of my all black wardrobe several years back, after realizing I looked like a makeup counter assistant (nothing against that, but I felt funny since I don’t wear much makeup).
Nowadays, I’ve been wandering from color to color.

When a tangerine sweater dress blazed from a sea of clothes at Marshalls, I just couldn’t help myself.
Maybe it’s my contrary nature, but I love to go against the grain. The weather is miserably dreary and bleak right now and so perfect to wear this bright sweater dress. I want to add a little cheer to the winter gloom, like how in the mornings, the tangy orange juice wakes you with a POW!
so sour!
As much as I enjoy wearing it now, I didn’t always love this garment. In fact, I had a huge dose of buyer’s remorse right after its purchase. This sweater dress wasn’t just loud, it was near deafening. People could spot this miles away like evacuees to emergency exit lights. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to attract that much attention. It was also super oversized on me. The belt was way too large and landed nowhere near my waist. While I loved the color, it wasn’t terribly flattering on my skin tone. On me, it didn’t look nearly as well as lovely as on the Nordstrom model.
so pretty on the model
I debated with myself for days. Conventional wisdom advised me to return this sweater dress at once.
The fit was all wrong!
The color washed me out!
oof D:
While it was really difficult to argue against conventional wisdom, the boldness of the color inspired me. I decided I wore the sweater dress; it didn’t wear me. If I got lost under this oversized piece of clothing, I’d exude more personality. If I appeared sallow, I’d let the world know I’m as bright as the color of this dress.


Orange you glad I’m so zesty?

It’s now winter and it’s cold.
Most of my winter wear didn’t survive the last purge.
I was down to one last thick hoodie.
Armed with a recently acquired gift card, I stormed into Marshalls with determination to find one suitable sweater. This wasn’t my first trip. However, I resolved to not fail.
I dreaded clothes shopping. I loved to browse but after hours in a store, I’d find nothing that fits. On the smaller end of the spectrum, I found most items look like ponchos on me.
poncho D:
After browsing isles after isles, a sweater stood out among the racks.
pretty sweater
It had a lovely ribbed cowl and very loose fit. I’m not a fan of swimming in my garments, but I was quite taken by the color, a beautiful teal.

It reminded me of a dress I had purchased a long time ago. The dress was in a gorgeous turquoise. Even my internal cotton police could not prevent me from purchasing this 100% rayon garment.
pretty dress
Unfortunately, I never wore the dress. It was super thin and super short, a combination very apt to expose oneself. I still loved the color and scoured for clothes with similar hue.

I bought the sweater.
Even though the sweater’s teal could not match the dress’ turquoise and dismayed the cotton police with 41% acrylic, I liked it. I even liked the Dolman sleeves.
hmm toasty
It’s warm and toasty.

*According to Google and Boscov’s, this sweater is known as Chaus Fashion Force Ribbed Trim Boxy Sweater in Waterfall