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Oh snap! Someone bought my Sleep No More fabric! I hope they make something cool with it.


It reminded of my last visit to the McKittrick, a couple months back.


I was far less enthused because it was my third visit, but the McKittrick surprised me.

A man, (whom I believe to be the Taxidermist), inspected the torn pages of a book in Gallow Green.

I tailed him closely for a couple of scenes. He returned to that Gallow Green shoppe, shoved me aside, picked the guest next to me for his 1-on-1, and slammed the door. I was so sad Mr. Taxidermist. I don’t mind not being picked but it hurts to be shoved.

I then wandered around and got to see Hecate! Finally!


She ate a raw steak and coughed up a ring. One guest tried to sit next to her as she was eating the steak, and was shoed away. She may have picked me for the ring, with her knife reflecting a light like a pointer, but I was too uncertain to step forward. Later, her lip synched to “Is That All There Is” and was handed a paper boat by another guest.

Wandering alone in the cemetery, I caught the Taxidermist(?) somberly strolling to a gravestone. He handed me his umbrella, and proceeded to bury the bones of a small creature.

Later I also saw a secret, acrobatic dance between him and the Sexy Witch in the autopsy room.

Somewhere in the mix of events, I saw Lady Macbeth washing her husband after the murder. She was such an awesome Lady Macbeth.

After the rave, I dashed after the Boy Witch, knowing his upcoming scene. I had never seen that scene before, but the fact I knew it was proof that I’ve become a  Sleep No More veteran.

In writing this post, I realized just how much I saw during my third visit. It was absolutely amazing.

In regards to the McKittrick fabric, ablipintime wrote:

OH GOSH I got your thank you email and like, giggled madly since I bought that fabric in October! Or earlier I can’t remember…

I made bowties from it and lots of people got really excited over it the two times I’ve worn them to the hotel!

Either way it rocks, though I wish I had a variant with a smaller thistle pattern and some day I hope to have a vest made of it too but yeah totally going to buy more!

My day is made.

I was super excited by a recent email from Spoonflower, congratulating me that someone had bought my McKittrick fabric.

McKittrick fabric

It turned out that three people had actually bought it, over the course of many months, and I was just bad at filtering emails.

This fabric was originally designed for my Caroline dress. I wore it upon my second trip to Sleep No More, an incredible, immersive show that fueled my inner DIY-er. After my curtailed first trip (from which I already concluded Sleep No More was the best show ever), I decided to return for a second visit, and return in a grandiose manner. I sewed a dress, minted a coin, and created my own interaction with the actors. It was a really good time.

While I’ve stopped paying my patronage, I’m super excited that others are craftin’ away with the fabric. I hope to see some pictures of epic fan-creations, and perhaps the vicariousness will bring me back to the McKittrick once more.

There it was, a wax-sealed letter, inside a red-ribboned box.

Two deep breaths, one, two, a gentle pop of the bottom edge, and the thistle was in halves.
Enveloped in the letter was a McKittrick pin, handcrafted by The Tablinum.

I love presents, especially handcrafted ones. So, when The Tablinum offered me a pin, I was ecstatic! I traded some coins and cloth for this little treasure. It reminded me of my yesteryears when I exchanged crafted goods with others. They were always filled with surprises.

This surprise came with a intricate packaging incredibly fit for a Sleep No More memento. It brought back memories of all my wonderful experiences, including the wide-eyed wonder and breath-holding excitement.

Thank you so much for this gift!

The end of my night was a blur.
Here were some of the more lucid moments…

Most Suspenseful :
Everyone held their breath as Malcom lathered up Duncan for a shave…perhaps the closest he ever gave…

Most Aha!-I’ve-Seen-A-Photo-of-This! :
Mad Lady Macbeth sat in a bathtub, after being undressed by the nurse.

Most Rapid Transition from Adorable to Unsettling :
The taxidermist stitched close a teddy bear (aww) and laid it in a crib surrounded by headless dolls (creepy!).

Most Spoiled by the Theater Program:

Most Awkward:
I met scorchedthesnake. Instead of striking up a normal conversation, I tapped him on the shoulder, gave him a coin, and ran away. I’m not usually this awkward in real life, I promise!

Most Celebrity-like:
“Come quick! Look at her dress!” One of the coat checkers called to the other, before handing me my coat. Frequent revisitors probably got greetings all the time, but I felt super special.
coat check

My second Sleep No More experience was SPECTACULAR!
I had an amazing time bombarded by all sorts of surprises.
It was a significant improvement on my first trip.

Now the question is…should I go back?