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I just can’t stop listening to the Rihanna song, after hearing it  in a movie I saw this weekend: Wreck-It Ralph.

Wreck-It Ralph was all sorts of awesome. It tickled me with hours of delectable video game references and the blast-from-the-past cameos. I was dying from the Browser and Sonic cameos.


My favorite character has to be Calhoun. How can anyone not love her, with that sassy voice of Sue Sylvester? She’s just one dynamite gal.

Dynamite Gal
I’m also in love with Skrillex “Bug Hunt” track. It’s exactly my type of music.

Other notable awesomeness were the detail of the animation. I read an article about the subtleties of King Candy’s walk animation, about how his feet twirl like wheels, and how his hands “shift gears”. Amazing!

Wreck-It Ralph was a really good time. I think I’ll enjoy it more as time goes on, when it becomes “old but cool.”