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Last night I unboxed an Eastland gift from my mom. Inside, I saw a lace-less atrocity, a hideous buckled beast with vile top stitchings. I was flabbergasted! The surprise was a strong blow that knocked the wind of out me. I stood paralyzed with discomfort.

I got new shoes.

I got new shoes that are not the Eastland Plainview shoes!
My very first article in Caret Dash Caret was about those Plainviews. It was a style I’ve worn for nine years now, and was a symbol of comfort and routine.

The new shoes felt foreign, like an intruder dispelling everything I knew that to be whole and good, like a dark force snatching away children’s comfort blankies. It was an unanticipated change, and change is mighty scary.

How apt is it that I’m posting this on the first of a new month: an apropos day for change. I’m not ready, my mind screams, but that doesn’t matter. Change has already happened. I need to embrace it. My past year was a roller-coaster of ups and downs, full of welcoming new friendships and bitter farewells to old ones. Reflecting on the changes in my shoe style made me realize I’m very much not the Plainview girl anymore. I’ve gotten stronger, more experienced, and I’ll never stop changing.

Hello Syracuse. We’re gonna rock!


Some people have their holy grails; items that they simply adore. Well, Plainview Oxford by Eastland is definitely my holy grail shoes. I have been exclusively wearing them for eight years now!

Plainview Oxford
Not the same one, of course, just the same style. Otherwise, they’d be super stinky.


This madness started when I was a freshman in high school. I went to a high school that required uniforms. My mother bought me the cheapest shoes at a local Target that met uniform requirements.

Little did she know a legacy was born!
a legacy!
Each year, I would purchase a new pair of Plainview Oxford. Nothing else was as comfortable.

Eventually, Target stopped selling it. I began to travel further and further to other retailers to buy it. Even when its price rose faster than gasoline rates, I gladly handed over hard earned money for a pair of my beloved shoes. I was an addict.
exponential rates increase!
Last year, the unthinkable happened. I couldn’t find Plainview Oxford at any of the local retailers!

What should I do?
Should I buy it from the internet?
What if Eastland discontinued this style?
the horror!
My fears were very real. My previous pair was utterly ravaged. I had no idea what would tie me over till my new pair, if I had ordered from the internet.

Then, when all hope was lost, I found the stash! Due to my mother’s infinite wisdom, we had purchased extra pairs when they were on sale. I had just found El Dorado.

I savored the opening of the box.
There it was, the bright, shiny new Plainsview Oxford.
holy grail!
Cue Hallelujah.