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It’s been a while since I updated.

Life has been full of epic adventures.

Just a few weeks ago, my summer roomies Aaron and Jeff moved out, and my olde roomies Stephie and Tom moved back in.
Stephie and Tom

We had an epic dinner night where I made accidentally-too-spicy lasagna, sending us all reaching for jugs of water one after another.


Jeff, soon after moving into his hip new dwelling, invited a lot of his friends to a delicious end-of-summer barbeque. There were tons of impressively delicious food.

That night must’ve been party night of the year, because everyone we knew was raising their apartment roofs. We shuttled to and pro from Boston for a evening of fun gatherings. Afterwards, we returned to Jeff’s for hopscotchin’ sofa-jumpin’ games.

Crazy fun times.

More to come.