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I was pet-sitting my friend’s hamster, Crayon, for the weekend.
She was a spunky little thing, always scurrying around her cage.
luv luv

Come Saturday morning, I noticed Crayon was a little droopy. She poked her nose out of her cage, staring into the great yonder of our apartment living room.
Awwwn, I thought. I’ll cheer her up with a good roam.

Carefully, I placed her in her plastic ball. Crayon spung to life immediately! She dashed about in her round enclosure, hitting furniture legs with a repetitive clang clang clang. I then went about my Saturday morning happenings.

A little while later, I realize the apartment was quiet…too quiet..oh no! I ran to search for Crayon only to find an empty hamster ball. Crayon was missing!
oh noes

One by one, I secured each bedroom and narrowed down the possible places Crayon could be. Scratching sounds under cabinets notified me that Crayon was in the living room / kitchen area. So I became a couching tiger and waited.
crouching tiger

Eight hours later, in the dark of night, faint footsteps came from a corner of the living room.
I turned my head and leaped upon sight of the merrily trotting hamster. However, Crayon was too fast. She darted under luggage cases, just out of my reach.

I attempted to lure her out with a yogurt treat.
Despite her great love for sugary snacks, Crayon retreated back into hiding the moment she sensed my looming hand poised to snatch her up.

Time for a more clever plan.

I blocked off all other exits from that luggage case and placed her case at its sole entrance. Crayon, ever curious, step by step climbed back into her cage.

A huge sense of relief washed over me.
I hope to never have a hamster disaster again.

Run away! Run away!

That’s what my roomie’s kitty, Twist, would usually do at the sound of the slightest of footsteps. It’s a very timid kitty, most likely to be found hiding under my roomie’s bed.
under-bed kitty
Last night, however, Twist dared to venture out. It slowly walked up to me, tilted its head, extended its neck, and closed its eyes. It wanted to be petted! By me!
I felt so honored!

I hope to become good friends with this adorably soft feline.