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I just returned from bloom, an incredible dance party! My friend, Jason, and his girlfriend, Jen, ferried me an hour away, to a renovated abandoned building for this epic venture.

zebra zebra

There were four rooms / two floors with individual sets of DJs! I spent a good deal of time running around, trying to experience them all.

I met a few of Jason’s friends at the venue. First was Steve, a super friendly fella who I saw a few more times roaming from room to room. We talked for a little bit. Then there was this RED HAIRED LADY (Madison). She had the coolest Alice in Wonderland tattoos all over, (and she liked the zebras on my dress)!


Jason had a knack befriending interesting people. Sometimes he would just dance with a random guy, and a song later, they would exchange numbers. Their dance was like a primal gesture that signaled friendship! I was super impressed! His gift was also how he got us invites to after parties.

pretty lady

The highlight of evening came from a lady dancing with a flow wand. I’d never seen a flow wand before, so I was enthralled. Her ethereal look, combined with the levitating stick, made her look suuuper pretty. She spotted me half-way across the dancefloor, grabbed my hand, and gave me a bracelet with shiny beads, stars, and the words: “always believe”!!!!! She then touched my head, and said something drowned out by the music. I imagined it was something like, “I like your hair” or “welcome to the secret society of awesome people”.

Bloom was such an good time. I hope we go on more of those fun expeditions.

For now, I’m off to bed.

It’s been a while since I updated.

Life has been full of epic adventures.

Just a few weeks ago, my summer roomies Aaron and Jeff moved out, and my olde roomies Stephie and Tom moved back in.
Stephie and Tom

We had an epic dinner night where I made accidentally-too-spicy lasagna, sending us all reaching for jugs of water one after another.


Jeff, soon after moving into his hip new dwelling, invited a lot of his friends to a delicious end-of-summer barbeque. There were tons of impressively delicious food.

That night must’ve been party night of the year, because everyone we knew was raising their apartment roofs. We shuttled to and pro from Boston for a evening of fun gatherings. Afterwards, we returned to Jeff’s for hopscotchin’ sofa-jumpin’ games.

Crazy fun times.

More to come.

Yesterday kicked off with me riding a motorcycle for the time time!


image courtesy of Dan

vroom vroom

image courtesy of Dan

I strapped on my helmet, climbed aboard my friend’s sexy motorcycle, and held on for dear life as we cruised oh-so-fast along the shorelines. Wind lashed against my face, sharply reminding me of the tremendous speed we travelled at, a sense dulled in shielded car rides. It was exhilarating!

Later that night, the city organized a dance party in the streets. The atmosphere was phenomenal. People packed the streets, and music blared from giant speakers.
My friends and I crowded around a bus stop and wiggled our bodies to the rhythm.
Oh Fridays, you are always such good times.