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I saw so many cool things at Maker Faire yesterday!

Here’s some of the highlights:

  • Bicycle wheel beatbox was really cool
  • Meet up with Matt after his 3D printing talk
  • Got a free copy of Bust magazine
  • Wore a demo space suit, provided by NASA
    space suit


The World Maker Faire was awesome!!!


  • 3D printing village: the machines, the prints, everything
  • Giant mousetrap
  • Free pouches of applesauce
  • Vegan paella
  • Gumball machine that dispensed candy with a text message
  • Pour-over coffee robot
  • Umbrella violin
  • Meeting Kacie (PrettySmallThings)
  • Tiny cupcakes
  • MakerShed

I also gave two intro to 3D printing talks for Make, and a sewing pattern generation talk. They were fun.