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So I went to Juliacon the past two days.

It was neat to see a lot of presenters use Jupyter notebooks to present. I’ll keep that in mind if I’m presenting at another conference.

There were talks on neat projects like Biojulia where they use Ragel to create parsers for FASTA files. There were also really funny moments like when a genetic algorithm walker spun its foot instead of walking. (I’ll try to find the gif later).

Unfortunately, some of the talks were styled for “academic” conferences, such that they are very technical but don’t provide a lot of context. As someone not in their domain, I had a rough time extracting the importance without getting lost in the minutia.

Overall, Julia seems to be embraced by a diverse scientific community. I’m excited to see what it becomes.

Yesterday, I went to Jeff Benzaon’s thesis defense. It was my first time spectating a defense live (I watched Sir Rice’s defense virtually), so I was super excited!

Jeff was presenting on Julia, a programming language.

Jeff Bezanson

It was a great presentation and I learned neat stuffs. I’m sure I could’ve gotten a lot more out of it I wasn’t such a complete novice at programming language theory.

Best quote:

I don’t think people will adopt some new syntax for a language they already know, but will fully embrace an entirely new language. ~ Jeff

Hope I get to sneak into more of these defenses. They’re super sweet. 😀