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Magic the Gathering M14 Pre-Release was pretty freakin’ awesome.

My friend and I went to the 1pm event instead of the midnight (’cause we’re olde and need sleep).
We were surprised to find the event just as packed.

I opened a couple boosters, and whipped together a Blue/Green control deck. Wish I had a bit more removals though. =/

First round I won. I actually won!
I never win the first round! Usually I have to make crazy adjustments before my deck becomes playable.

Second round I got crushed by Sanguine Blood.
He didn’t have to hit me to kill me.


Third round I got crushed by Essence Scatter.
Opening three of them should not be allowed.


Fourth round, I scraped a victory.

My opponent’s Merfolk Spy had whittled me down to my last life, when I drew a Claustrophobia to shut it down.

Heart of the cards saved me!

I didn’t expect to have this much fun with a Core set, but it was awesome!!! Definitely looking forward to Theros next.

One of our friends gave my roomie and I a spiffy tour of Demiurge Studios.
It was super nifty to walk around a game studio, and see part of their daily bustling.

..though, I’m not sure how much daily bustling we saw, ’cause it was THURSDAY GAME NIGHT!

While we ate from the Mount Everest of pizzas, we played all sorts of games from their gigantic collection.

Thursday Game Night
I met all sorts of awesome folks like the artist behind the bathysphere of Bioshock!

I descended into Rapture with that thing!!!

Our exciting night concluded with us testing Demiurge’s game in development.

Though I’m not a console FPS gamer by any stretch of the imagination, their game was incredibly fun.
I had a great time.

Dear Sir or Madam,
I regret to inform you that the Nethernet, as I have discovered yesterday, is no more.
Jenny, a former Seer
Sad Seer

Now that the portal to the Nethernet is broken, I shall take up mantle as the Seer of Lore. The following is a recount of my experiences in the world of Internet Below.
In the beginning there was only Internet Above. By the genius of madmen birthed the fledgeling Internet Below. In those days, it was called PMOG.

Shoppe Keeper
PMOG was a quaint little place, with shoppes for daily needs. At the time, I was a tourist aboard the Wired Express. I relished the familiarity and the foreignness of the sites. Everything appeared exactly the same as Internet Above, except a few crates on the side, gifts left by mysterious Benefactors.
Crates and DP
While my tour was short-lived, PMOG left a warm impression and booked itself as a future resort destination.


Internet Below grew into a mechanical marvel. My next trip there landed me in a world deemed the Nethernet. Rife with citizens busting too and fro, the Nethernet was a festive place.
However, there were hotly contested views on what the Nethernet should be. Factions of Order and Chaos arose. Everyone duked it out. Casualties were too many to be enumerated in the Daily Post.
Daily Post
It was a very lively world. So, I applied for citizenship.
I began as a shoat. Everyone began as shoats. I ran around in my top hat, learning of all the factions.
I had acquainted myself with the delicious taste of explosions. It was a taste not to be denied.
In my early days, I toyed with grenades and mines. Any unsuspecting traveler would’ve been greeted with a rude awakening. I was quick and ruthless, and probably the target of a few Bedouins or Vigilantes.
St. Nick
As time progressed, I found my true calling as a Seer. I navigated the wild and wonderful world of Internet Above and left portals to Internet Below.
I lived in a world between worlds.
Leaving Portals
My Seer-nature eventually led me to other corners of Internet Above.
I had left a small comic as a gift to Internet Below, to be continued upon my next return.

Alas, Internet Below is gone.
I call upon ye Stewards of Stories.
Fill the compendium with your tales, so that the Nethernet may live once more!

*Edit: Holy smokes I just discovered an article by the Nethernet’s creator. {Link}