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In this hip Brooklyn warehouse, a night market is happenin’.

It’s full of foods, vendors, and arcade machines!

I tried my first arancini from Arancini Bros. I didn’t know what to expect, but it was really tasty!


Afterwards I had a triple pork sandwich from Bolivian Llama Party.
It’s the best pork sandwich I’ve had in a long time! So good!

triple pork

At the end of the night, I played some skeeball.

I actually landed a ball in the 50 point hole.

Woot woot!

My friend Brian and I went to the Grasshopper for their monthly $10 vegan buffet.

No Name


I had this amazing orange chicken-like dish that seriously made me question my omnivore-ness.

I can’t believe it wasn’t meat!


During dinner we were seated with a vegan body-builder monk. He told us super cool stories about his past, and recommended tasty places in the area.

He told me I could become super buff with kale and spinach. Time to turn into Popeye!

He was super cool!

After dinner, Brian and I discovered FoMu, a vegan ice cream shoppe, and root, a vegan burger joint, were right next door!

OH MAN!!!!


We were unfortunately too full for root…

….but not for ice cream!

Cake Batter

There were so many delicious flavors!!!

Due to my intense discomfort with uncooked eggs, I’ve always avoided flavors such as cake batter and cookie dough.

The moment I saw those flavors on FoMu’s menu, I knew I HAD to try those flavors.


My life is complete!

Foodtruck Throwdown

I woke up bright and early this past Saturday and hit downtown Boston. There was gonna be a fight!

It was a battle between the tastiest food trucks from Boston and New York!

To savor the festivities, I decided to volunteer for the event. I spent my afternoon doling out ballots and doing some crowd control. Oh boy were the crowds large at trucks like Roxy’s Grilled Cheese.

Serious Business

I found out about this awesome event through Pennypackers, my favorite food truck.

They were competing in this food truck throwdown, and had an awesome catch phrase: “we will pork you.”


Pennypacker’s have a special place in my heart. They have this incredibly delicious porchetta sandwich. I feel like I’ve had all their seasonal incarnates, porchetta with rabe, prochetta with pickled fennel, porchetta with moustarda.

One afternoon, I strolled to Pennypacker’s, and was heartbroken when I saw they had ran out of porchetta. Before I said anything, Kevin, who I think is the owner, leaned closer across the truck window, and said,

“Jenny, if you want a porchetta, I think I have one left.”

Best moment of my life right there (at least for my tastebuds).


I watched the faces of the judges lit up as they tasted the Pennypacker’s porchetta. There was no way Pennypacker’s wouldn’t win.

They did win!

They won Best of Boston and Best Overall!

Congrats Pennypacker’s!


How do you combat the cold and bitterness of a Bostonian winter?


On a particularly gray evenin’, my friends and I attended the 4th annual Boston Chili Cup.
For $10, we ate all sorts of delicious chili from a medley of restaurants.


My favorites were from Ned Devine’s and The North Star. Ned Devines’ was super comforting while The North Star’s had a hearty kick.

Unbeknownst to me, the event had live country music from the Herland Brothers. I love country music, so that was an awesome surprise.


The event ended with one of my friends, Dan, being interviewed by a small tv crew. He was INCREDIBLY AWKWARD during the interview. It was adorable.

Neon rainbow colors.

That was what greeted me at the landing website of Life Alive.
life alive

One of my friends was visiting from out of town, and I decided to scope out the menu before our meetup dinner.

Holy smokes. I presumed my friend turned into a hippie, because of the attitude of the Life Alive website. It was all about love, nuture, energy, and soul.

At the day of the gathering, I braced myself, and ordered a bowl of The Alchemist. I was initially a little hesitant about the atmosphere, but the name Alchemist changed everything. THE ALCHEMIST! WHAT AN AWESOME NAME!!! The food turned out to be a delicious bowl of veggies and sprouts, perhaps, I dare say, the best vegetarian food I’ve ever tasted.

I caught up with my friend, who just returned from an artist convent in France. #SUPER JEALOUS.

It’s always awesome when friends visit. I learn new things and try new places. Happiness all around.

It’s been a while since I updated.

Life has been full of epic adventures.

Just a few weeks ago, my summer roomies Aaron and Jeff moved out, and my olde roomies Stephie and Tom moved back in.
Stephie and Tom

We had an epic dinner night where I made accidentally-too-spicy lasagna, sending us all reaching for jugs of water one after another.


Jeff, soon after moving into his hip new dwelling, invited a lot of his friends to a delicious end-of-summer barbeque. There were tons of impressively delicious food.

That night must’ve been party night of the year, because everyone we knew was raising their apartment roofs. We shuttled to and pro from Boston for a evening of fun gatherings. Afterwards, we returned to Jeff’s for hopscotchin’ sofa-jumpin’ games.

Crazy fun times.

More to come.