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I was in a fashion show today!
I took a creative fabric workshop this past month.  We hosted a mini fashion show to showcase our creations.
fashion show poster by Shireen Damghani
It was a super new and  exciting experience
I got a glimpse of what is it like to be a designer and a model.
feels like project runway
I made my first ever dress! I went from never touched a sewing machine before to wearing my dress down the “catwalk”.
strutting on the catwalk
Listen up closet! DIY is totally in.

Tangerine is the new black, but so much sweeter.

I broke out of my all black wardrobe several years back, after realizing I looked like a makeup counter assistant (nothing against that, but I felt funny since I don’t wear much makeup).
Nowadays, I’ve been wandering from color to color.

When a tangerine sweater dress blazed from a sea of clothes at Marshalls, I just couldn’t help myself.
Maybe it’s my contrary nature, but I love to go against the grain. The weather is miserably dreary and bleak right now and so perfect to wear this bright sweater dress. I want to add a little cheer to the winter gloom, like how in the mornings, the tangy orange juice wakes you with a POW!
so sour!
As much as I enjoy wearing it now, I didn’t always love this garment. In fact, I had a huge dose of buyer’s remorse right after its purchase. This sweater dress wasn’t just loud, it was near deafening. People could spot this miles away like evacuees to emergency exit lights. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to attract that much attention. It was also super oversized on me. The belt was way too large and landed nowhere near my waist. While I loved the color, it wasn’t terribly flattering on my skin tone. On me, it didn’t look nearly as well as lovely as on the Nordstrom model.
so pretty on the model
I debated with myself for days. Conventional wisdom advised me to return this sweater dress at once.
The fit was all wrong!
The color washed me out!
oof D:
While it was really difficult to argue against conventional wisdom, the boldness of the color inspired me. I decided I wore the sweater dress; it didn’t wear me. If I got lost under this oversized piece of clothing, I’d exude more personality. If I appeared sallow, I’d let the world know I’m as bright as the color of this dress.


Orange you glad I’m so zesty?

I find most fashion advice from Google searches dubious.
Different websites give different, and sometimes conflicting advice.ahh!
Though, back before I was a youngin’, I headed their every word.

According to the blog universe, my body shape was straight or rectangular (though I was never sure since people in the photos looked the same shape to me). I wanted to look more of the hourglass figure, hailed as the figure all clothes flattered, and bought clothes based on their advice. Unfortunately, by the power of sites combined, I became instead a frumpy monster.
However, one piece of advice led me to find one of my favorite things: Express Ruffled, Sweetheart Neckline Dress

One day, I came across an article that said sweetheart necklines would look good on me. Immediately, I sprang to sites in search of clothing with sweetheart necklines. By happenstance, a dress with sweetheart neckline was in vogue at Express.
It was perfect. It had the blog advised sweetheart neckline, optional straps that assuaged my fear of strapless dresses falling and exposing me, and 100% cotton quality that pleased sensibilities of my material conscious grandma whom I respected very much on this issue. It was also on sale and going hot.

I bought it in size small.
Size small fit wonderfully. I received more compliments than I’d dreamed of. Everything was perfect, except around the sides where it was a tiny bit large!
Darn it!
That tiny bit of loose fabric catalyzed years of compulsive hunt for the same dress in size extra small.  I crawled Ebay every month, for years, hoping someone would list my desired dress. I saw many dresses of similar design and fabric, but atlas couldn’t bring myself to replace the one I lusted after.

Then, about two months ago, I spotted it on Ebay. Express Ruffled, Sweetheart Neckline Dress in XS. A lovely lady was passing this treasure to a better home. I wasn’t letting this out of my grasp. I placed a reasonable bid very early to stake my claim. However, with each passing day, I became increasingly fearful of bid snippers. On the night the auction ended, I was pulsing with adrenaline. To me, it seemed like hundreds of other lurkers were watching this dress, waiting to rip it from my clutches. Within last five seconds, I entered an extremely high bid to better my chances, far beyond what I could afford. I was now afraid of bid snippers for another reason! Not good!!!!
Time ticked to zero.
I won the dress. There were no bid snipers.

This is definitely a one in a million [advice] dress.