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A little while ago, I attended a Marshalls Find Your Fabulous event. I’ve always really like Marshalls, often finding really delicious off-brand snacks amongst their isles. For some reason, they just seem to have a better selection than TJMaxx, even though they’re owned by the same parent company.

Find Your Fabulous

Drawn by the promise of free cupcakes and lemonade, I shuffled downtown, to a large Fenway  store that I’ve never been before.

I saw a lot of other shoppers, some there for the event, and some perusing the wares on a typical Wednesday afternoon.

price is right

There were giveaways in the form of Price is Right. Guests were given the typical retail price of an item, and guessed Marshalls’ price. I saw an old lady win a big red bag. It was adorable.


Apparently local fashion bloggers / celebrities were also attending this event. I always feel a little uncomfortable when the internet meets the real life, but they were cool people. I didn’t really follow their blogs, but it was interesting talkin’ to them and stuff.


I ended up buying a black floor-length dress. I admit it’s made of rayon (not cotton! gasp) and a tad too big on me, but it seemed like easy-wearin’ for the summery months. I could just throw it on and skedaddle.

I wore it we my friends and I went hiking in Maine (not the best of choices), and I saw another lady wearing the same dress just the other night.

I like it. Dunno what else to say.

While the recent wedding I attended was spectacular, the days leading to it were not.

Having never been to a wedding before (or any other black-tie event), I was in a panic about what to wear. Once again the internet gave largely unhelpful advice. “An evening gown or a dressy cocktail dress,” it said.

What did that mean?!?!
Were sleeveless dresses appropriate? Or knee-length ones?

After consulting a few slightly more seasoned friends, I ordered a dress online: Arabelle in Jalapeno.
It was beautiful, chic, and many vanity sizes too large. It seemed I still haven’t learned my lesson about how strapless dresses will always fall on me.
Unfortunately, the Arabelle misfit happened the weekend before the wedding date. I ran around all weekend looking for an alternative. I eventually purchased a vintage Slyvia Cuur dress from a local consignment store. It was my first vintage dress, and I probably grossly overpaid it out of desperation, but finally, I had an outfit for the special day.
Sylvia Cuur
With a bit a self-tayloring, the Slyvia Cuur dress fit wonderfully. It featured a spiffy front zip and a faux tie. Oh how I loved ties.

I slept easy for the next few nights until my mom frantically called me after receiving pictures of my new dress. “It wasn’t formal enough!” she relayed the message in a panic-stricken voice.
The very next day, I once again dashed about the local stores. My mission was to purchase the first formal dress that fit, no matter how hideous. Off the racks at Macy’s, I grabbed a XSCAPE one-shouldered ombre dress with flowers.
Much to my surprised, the dress fit quite well, and looked fabulous. I’d never gotten this lucky before!

In the end, I wore the Slyvia Cuur dress to the rehearsal dinner and the XSCAPE dress to the actual wedding. I got a lot of compliments on the dress, which was quite nice.

Here’s what I learned about what to wear to a black-tie wedding:

  1. Strapless and knee-length are totally acceptable, unless it’s a ultra-conservative setting.

  2. Dresses needn’t be fancier than the shiny one-colored dresses listed on J. Crew’s website, and certainly doesn’t need to cost as much

  3. My lovely vintage dress with floral prints ARE formal enough. In fact, I saw some other lovely ladies sporting floral dresses. The strictness seemed to be much looser with women and their dresses than men. Most men I saw were in tuxedos or nice suits and jackets.

Hope this helps some future wedding guest neophyte!