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Man, it’s been I while since I last posted.
I just haven’t had the time to doodle the happenings.

Today, I found a surprise package in the mail (love!).

Faceless not Maceless

Back when I made pants for peppermints, I decided try out the 3D-printing in full color. I had a wee bit of Sculpteo credits left, so I added a Faceless Void to the order. I totally forgot about him until today.

Faceless Void :D

Oh man is he sweet.

Details! :D

He stands a couple inches tall, fully colored, with super sharp details.

He’s so pretty! I’m really impressed by today’s 3D printing capabilities!

bringing sexy back

I think I’m going to give this figurine to Dan, one of my friends that I played DOTA with. Faceless Void is his favorite character.

I might post a tutorial if folks want to print their own. It’s not too different from printing a uncolored version, like my Mini-Furion.

[print your own hero here]


“Hey, we’ve played before. We destroyed that other team.” A friendly ally greeted me. I smile.

Thirty minutes later, I, as Chaos Knight, the sole carry for our team, get absolutely crushed.
My teammates began to berate each other, and I slunk into depressive silence.

Right before our Ancients fell, came the most soul-crushing words I’ve heard on DOTA.

“I must’ve played with another person,” said the initially-friendly ally. “That person was good.”