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I just got back from Nashville and I gotta say, PyTennesee was AWESOME!


My first day started with Lars giving amazing electric bassoon performances accompanying his talk ‘The Well Tempered API’.


The day ended with Ed Finkler giving a really poignant talk on mental health. He mentioned taking a Mental Health First Aid course to help the people around you, which I’m definitely gonna take.


Day two started with Chris Fonnesbeck giving a talk on the importance of statistics. It made me feel like I didn’t take enough math in school and ought to catch up. Time to crack open some books!

I also gave my talk ‘3D Print Anything with the Blender API’ and hopefully inspired people to give Blender a try. As I’ve mentioned, all the code from my talk (like creating glasses and lampshades) are on my GitHub.

❤ BlenderOverall, I had a great time at the conference. Also, I felt like I got the Nashville experience, from all the country music at the airport to the famous hot chicken at Emma’s after party.Special thanks to Carrol, May, and Bono for shuttling me everywhere, and to all the organizers of the conferences.

Last day!

I didn’t attend as many talks as I did yesterday, mostly ’cause I’m feeling under the weather.


Those that I did go to were AMAZING!

Favorite quotes from the conference:

There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women. ~ Madeleine Albright

Heads up to all the employers: there is a legion of women who *will* be negotiating their salaries, so budget accordingly. ~ Ruthe Farmer

Every time you don’t ask, you make it harder for every other woman to ask. ~ Matt Wallaert

I absolutely loved Grace Hopper. It’s probably my favorite of out the ones I’ve been to this year.

Hope I get to come back next year!

Leaving this here for inspiration and nostalgia:

The day started out SO GOOD!

Shafi Goldwasser presented on crypto. All those zero knowledge interactive proofs and homomorphic encryption made me really miss computer science.


I loved how she used the Count to represent the computationally bounded adversary.

I then went to a presentation by Jamika and Rachel and a workshop by Denise, both of which were AMAZING.



Next up is dinner with Google for all their travel grant winners.

nom nom nom

Usually I’m super exhausted by the first day of conferences, but not so for Grace Hopper. I’m still super energetic/excited for tomorrow!

All aboard the Hornblower Hybrid!

Hornblower Hybrid

GoRuCo‘s awesome end-of-conference party was on the high seas.

Being more into Python, I didn’t actually attend the conference, (though I heard really good things about it). Thankfully, GoRuCo allowed +1’s to the cruise party, which is how I got on board. Success!

The ship sailed around Manhattan and showcased a gorgeous view of the sunset. It was super pretty.

Sunset in Manhattan

I wish more conferences did cruise parties! So much fun!