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I’m a sucker for candy, especially sour candy.

My favorite is Sour Punch Straws.
They’re the perfect combination of sour and sweet.

Unfortunately, Sour Punch Straws is on the endangered candies list.
Once prevalent at local grocery stores and gas station stands, this rarity now exists only in Amazon specialty shops.

Last Christmas, I got a large box of Sour Punch Straws in Green Apple.
I enjoyed their mouth-puckering deliciousness everyday, for weeks.
It was paradise!
Nom Nom Sour Punch

I hope these will come back someday!


*In the process of writing this, I’ve developed serious cravings for Sour Punch Straws. Must order more!


This following is Rated M: for graphic portrayal of eating a gummy animal.
Not for faint of heart or the diabetic.
One large gummy bear was harmed in the making of this.

I love candy, especially fruit-flavored ones.
So when a Vat19 5lb Gummy Bear was gifted to me, I was both overjoyed and perplexed.
Nom Nom

It was the size of a newborn child!
I didn’t know how to begin.

Yesterday, I brought in reinforcements.
With our forks and knives, we unboxed the monstrosity and dug in.

It tasted of a wonderful sour apple flavor and felt a little more gummy than its lilliputian counterparts.
It was surprisingly delicious.
green apple

However, all was not well.
Hours into the endeavor, the bear was still mostly intact.
It even developed a self-healing property!
We had decapitated the bear early on, but the head fused back onto the body!

Day two was no better. We left it in the fridge overnight and it developed armored exterior!
We brought in heavy artillery: extra knives, forkes, and mouths.

It was a grueling two days and finally, the head was consumed.
However, the body still remained.
I’ve eaten all the gummy I can eat for a while…
too full

Day three does not look pretty.