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A plankton sticker arrived in my mailbox yesterday, from Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences. It brought back all the wonderful memories of a trip my friends and I took to see their public opening.

During the last breath of summer, my friends and I went on an epic weekend adventure to the lovely state of Maine.

We drove up on sun-beamy Friday, savored the spreads and Peasant Bread sandwiches of Stonewall Kitchen, and headed for the Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences.
After a tour of the facilities, we drove to Red’s Eats, for a feast of giant lobster rolls.

lobster roll

The afternoon ended with watching the sunset over the waters of Wiscasset and walking along the railroad tracks. It had a rustic charm that fueled my agrarian fantasies.
rail road tracks

When darkness finally fell, we made our way to the sleepy town of Camden, and promptly drifted off to sleep.

Mt. Battie

The next day started with a climb to Mount Battie. The view up there was gorgeous. From the ruins of a castle, we looked out into the bay, gawking at the stretches of water peppered with islands.


image courtesy of Dan

After a snack at the 3 Dogs Cafe, and under the setting sun, we ventured to a local lighthouse, trekking over jagged rocks to the middle of the bay.

Saturday night ended with delicious Mexican fare and oodles of our new favorite show: Adventure Time.

Adventure Time

We ended our trip at Pemaquid lighthouse, admiring the strange rocks that formed the coast. We looked out from the light housing lookout, portrayed in Maine’s state quarter.

It was a marvelous weekend, an excellent conclusion to a eventful summer, and a perfect trip. I got to explore new lands, eat delicious goods, all with the awesome company of my friends.

I only hope there’s many more like this one to come.