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July has been an awesome month of board games.
Aside from Settlers of Catan and Ticket to Ride, my friends and I delved into many other awesomely obscure ones.

First, our farmers went to war in Carcasonne!

We shaped our world one tile at a time, carving out our own roads, monasteries, and castles. Each piece of land marked our destiny.

Second, the rent was too darn high in Monopoly Deal.
Monopoly Deal

Everyone lost all property to one Mr. Moneybags. He collected rent after rent after rent.  Even a few “Dealbreaker” cards couldn’t save us poor fellas.

Lastly, we pondered on the tao of life in Tsuro
When each tao/way/path could lead to death, everyone carefully strategized their movements to keep their smooth-stoned avatars alive. In the end we had three winners, each wiser to the way of the Tsuro.

Fun fun!

Chugga chugga choo choo!

My friends and I became railroad barons in a fierce game of Ticket to Ride.
We each built a train empire, with a slew of routes connecting major cities, to satisfy our hidden objectives.
ticket to ride
There was one transcontinental line from Los Angeles to Charleston.
It boldly traveled west, until Houston. There, the westward road was suddenly cutoff by another baron! The train made a screeching halt and then detoured to Dallas.
Dallas, however, provided no relief from the onslaught. Its westward road was also claimed.
The train was forced more north, all the way through Kansas City, where it was eventually able to travel west to Pittsburgh, and down to Charleston.
It was fun watching the train desperately zigzagging across America. The poor passengers surely didn’t anticipate an extra week of detours.
Ticket to Ride was super fun to play. I highly recommend it to any boardgamer.