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Today I came home to discover a surprise Birchbox!


My subscription ran out in March, so this was an extra surprise. I had received an email from Birchbox apologizing for not delivering the March box and sending a consolation, and assumed it was a wrongly addressed email.



Thank you Birchbox for the slew of goodies: amika Obliphica Hair Treatment, Isaac Mizrahi FABULOUS, COOLA Cucumber Moisturizer, and Cargo Lip Gloss.

My favorite is the extra find, a Pilot Acrobal pen.


It wrote in super smooth pink ink!
I love it!

It made me miss Lost Crates. I hope they come back.

Thank you Birchbox for this box of cheer!


I got this awesome Wild Cactus mini-nail polish from the February Birchbox and painted my nails.

Remember the last two times I said was going to cancel? That totally didn’t happen.

Instead I continued to re-subscribe every month, because I just love getting stuff in the mail.

I don’t wear makeup, so a lot of the Birchbox items don’t appeal to me. However, they’ve been good at giving me things I’d actually use, like shampoo and sunscreen.

For February, I got samples of Ghirardelli Milk & Caramel Squares (tasty), Dr. Jart+ Black Label Detox BB Beauty Balm (useless for me), Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle (smells amazing), Juicy Couture Couture La La (grooooss), and Color Club Fiesta Collection in Wild Cactus (favorite of the lot).

I very rarely paint my nails. Usually, after a couple of minutes of painted nails, I get the incessant itch to scratch off the polish because the color would look hideous to me. Thus, I was super skeptical upon receiving Wild Cactus. This lovely emerald surprised me. It made me feel awesome.

It now rests as my second favorite nail polish, with the first being my Wet n’ Wild from a super sweet friend.

I love surprises in the mail. When I subscribed to Lost Crates, I enjoyed “forgetting” my quarterly subscriptions and finding a lovely box of stationery in my mailbox every few months. Well, I thought I had cancelled my Birchbox subscription in October, but evidently not.


Here’s an November Birchbox!

The joy of trying out new samples trumped any irk I might’ve felt for not cancelling. Here’s what I got:

Chuao Chocolatier Assorted ChocoPod
I thought my snack was going to be a potato chip smothered with chocolate. Nope! It was a delicious blend of chocolate and potato chip powder, into a crunchy treat (similar in texture to the innards of a KitKat bar).
Chuao Chip

Miracle Skin Transformer Vanish Instant Imperfection Corrector
The product has a silky texture. I don’t think I’m going to be using it much.
Skin Vanish Corrector

stila all over shimmer liquid luminizer try-me-set
Perhaps I was expecting face glitter, but I saw no difference with this on. Also, no one’s skin “shimmers” naturally. I’m not a fan of processed beauty.
Stila Shimmer Liquid

Atelier Cologne Rose Anonyme Petite Cologne Absolue
The Rose Anonyme perfume sample came with a stunning film noir photo-card. Unfortunately, the scent was not as stunning. My skin is not a fan of incense, oud, and patchouli. All I got was wafts of not-so-good dried, spiced herb smell. Despite not behaving well on its own, it layered quite nicely with Blood Bath by Delightful Rot.
Rose Anonyme

Oscar Blandi Pronto Texture & Volume Spray Travel Size
I now finally know how people get their hair to stay in awkward configurations! It’s all about the hair spray! I’ve never used hairspray before, and this one was a pretty good experience.
Oscar Hair Spray

As I said before, I’m not quite a part of Birchbox’s target demographic. Being surprised by this box was super fun, but I finally decided to cancel (for real this time). Thanks for the good time, Birchbox!

Perhaps it was the end of Lost Crates, or my love of mail, but whatever it was, it instilled in me a horrible itch: a craving of a monthly subscription service.

I went for a Birchbox, over the vast number of other possibilities, drawn by their “lifestyle products.” They were partnering with goop, a chic lifestyle blog (with beautiful pictures of food that I aspire to make one day).

What I got:

beautyblender | the original beautyblender
This hot pink, egg-shaped sponge is suppose to give you a flawless blending of your foundation.  I’ll probably use it pressing on paint in stenciling shirts, since I don’t wear makeup.

Karuna | Hydrating Treatment Mask
I’ve never worn a mask before, so I gave it a whirl. It had the most magnetic light and healthy scent! I felt goofy with the mask on (I hid from my roomies to avoid their bouts of laughter). My skin felt super nice afterwards. It was awesome.

Sprout | Lip Balm Flights
I haven’t tried it so I can’t really comment. In general, lip balms made my lips even flakier. My goto remedy is a little bit of Rosebud Salve overnight. We’ll have to see how this compares.

Supergoop | City Sunscreen Serum
Mhmm mhmmm SPF. I always forget to get (and use) sunscreen, so a little packet is very welcome.

twistband | Hair Tie
I got a very lovely green hair tie, but, contrary to the description of it looking nice on one’s wrist, there’s no way to put it around mine when I don’t have my hair up, so it won’t get much love.

LUNA | LemonZest
Most people seemed to not like the presence of a LUNA bar in their Birchbox. I was actually super excited to try it. It wasn’t the best of snack bars (probably because the lemon was too strong), but still tasty.

Overall, I liked Birchbox. I love the idea of samples, got an interesting medley of products. However, not wearing makeup, I’m definitely not their primary audience, and probably won’t subscribe again.