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I participated in Switch Witch for the first time last fall. Switch Witch is like Secret Santa, where participants receive gifts from their “witch” and give gifts to their “witchee”. It’s a wonderful tradition in the BPAL community.

I had been lusting after LUSH for a while, and my amazing witch, Usagi, surprised me a Golden Wonder Bath Bomb!
Golden Wonder
That very night, I took a bath, first time since I was seven. I plopped the bath bomb under the streaming faucet.

Golden stars shimmered as blue fizzy swirls kissed the warm bath water.
Pops of purples, oranges, and green drifted like gas giants in the milky way.
It was an unforgettable scene.
I’ve since then tried many more LUSH bath bombs. Golden Wonder is still my favorite. Nothing can beat the magic of floating among the twinkling stars and evening sky.