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I recently learned about the Autodesk 3D Print Utility tool. [Download Here]

It’s supposed to be an all-in-one helper that lets you very simply pop in a model and print it out.

It’ll do all the mesh fixing and support generation for you, much like PreForm.

I scoped it out for its mesh fixing utility.


Loading up is pretty straightforward. You must select a printer and a material from the list. The default is MakerBot Replicator 2 with PLA White as the material.

Printer Utility

It auto-orients the mesh and adds supports. You can change orientations with the “Minimize” checkbox, to minimize supports.

Here I loaded up the broken Peppermint Butler. It fixed the model without many problems.

I saved the mesh as an STL and got back a fixed up PP with no support structures. Whoohoo!

Next I loaded up the broken Rakdos model. I’d initially thought the 3D Print Utility broke after 30 minutes of the “processing model” loading bar.

However, after 3 hours, it’s fixed.


It’s like Sculpteo!


Interestingly, the mesh lost a lot of resolution compared to the original.



  • fixes basic meshes and generates support structures
  • exports the repaired model without the supports
  • connects to printers easily
  • loads OBJs and STLs


  • limited printer choices
  • struggles on difficult-to-fix models
  • no way to upload another model without restarting the program