We went to a delightful Python conference this past weekend in the small town of Petaluma.

North Bay Python

The entire conference took place inside a cute little theater.

There were tons of great talks, from the keynotes by Brandon Rhodes and Carina C Zona to our friend George.

I loved the atmosphere of the conference. It was very charming.

As always, here are some great conference quotes:

“Monkey patching is software bankruptcy.” ~Brandon Rhodes

“You want to ride the line between funny and what the hell did [the bot] just say.” ~Benno Rice



Super late post, but a couple months ago, Harry, Andy, Brian, and I went to Oregon to see the total solar eclipse.

We camped out by the side of a road and scaled a small mountain early next morning for best viewing. Totality was amazing! The mountain became dark, cool, and quiet.

Afterwards we hiked one of the most grueling hikes I’ve done to the valley of the mountain where there was a lake. Everyone else went to frolic while I rested on a log.

It was a lot of fun!


mola mola

We went to Monterey over the weekend and saw sunfish at the aquarium.

They’re super flat with fins in awkward places. Weird!

If you get a chance, go see one of these. Evolution definitely went down some crazy path with these fellas.

So I’m here at GHC again.

I heard an amazing keynote from Dr. Fei-Fei Li. She mentioned the Hubel and Wiesel Cat Experiment.

I’d never heard of this experiment before, but was pretty amazed.

Maybe it’s because I took a ML class recently but hearing the neurons fire from the straight line was incredible. It’s totally what the lower level neurons perceive in an artificial multi-layered neural network for image processing!

So exciting!

I visited Harry Potter World and it was magical!

I ran into Erek and his team there, and we all rode the Forbidden Journey ride together.

forbidden journey

The ride’s video technology created a realistic flying experience. It was really neat!

butter beer

I tried some butter beer. It tasted like a butterscotch root beer float. I’m not sure how I feel about it.

frog choir

The night ended with awesome songs from the frog choir. All the singers were great!