I visited Harry Potter World and it was magical!

I ran into Erek and his team there, and we all rode the Forbidden Journey ride together.

forbidden journey

The ride’s video technology created a realistic flying experience. It was really neat!

butter beer

I tried some butter beer. It tasted like a butterscotch root beer float. I’m not sure how I feel about it.

frog choir

The night ended with awesome songs from the frog choir. All the singers were great!


I went to check up on the local bee hives again. This time, since there’s actual bees, I wore a beekeeper’s suit.


Also I finally understood how beekeepers separate out frames with honey from frames with larvae. Aside from the bee’s natural tendency to not put honey and larvae cells together, beekeepers put a grate such that the queen lives below the grate and lays eggs. Since the queen is to big too pass through the grate, the frames above the grate can only be honey. Neat!

bee box