I started playing Pokémon Go again to see what kind of Poké Stops are in Kisumu (they’re mostly churches).


I went to my first raid where the reward was a disappointing zubat.

Harry mentioned zubats are actually great for malaria mosquitoes.

… >____>

Kike (“KEE-kay”, Swahili) likes to lounge in the sunny spots of our yard.


Recently I learned she can hop the fence.

Now I imagine her off to all sorts of adventures in the neighborhood.

I was in Nariobi for a week and decided to splurge on eating out.

My Favorites

    • Mama Rocks
      • Great burgers and shakes, lots of locations
    • Silk Noodles
      • Authentic Chinese noodle soups
    • Taco 253
      • Great tacos at the Village Market
    • The Arbor Place
      • Their menu rotates. I had great Malaysian food when I went
    • Cheka
      • Tasty Japanese stir fries, no vegetarian ramen though 😦
    • Kesh Kesh Cafe
      • Delicious Eritrean food
    • Habesha
      • Classic Ethiopian. Jess says it’s an institution in Nariobi
    • Shokudo
      • Saucy tofu bowls
    • Abyssinia
      • Another awesome Ethiopian restaurant


Maybe we’ll add these to Harry’s list when he’s tried them.