Tiny Treasures

Revolver Bound Notebooks came in the mail today.

last of their kind

I fell in love with these notebooks years ago, when I witnessed their incredible mechanic on YouTube: the ability to turn inside out!

I daydreamed about purchasing one with custom pages to keep track of life totals for Magic the Gathering. I’d roll in to Friday Night Magic, and bust out my Revolver! It would be perfect!

Alas, last last Monday, I discovered Revolver Bound Notebooks were discounted.

Frantic, I started calling up all the major vendors like Uncommon Goods. No one had any in-stock.

Out of desperation, I started emailing bloggers who’d once reviewed Revolver Bound Notebooks to see if I could purchase theirs. I also emailed any store that once carried these notebooks from Revolver Bound Notebook’s decaying Facebook page.

As luck would have it, Bookin’ It, a small bookstore in Minnesota had one last copy. As did Cynthia from JournalingArts. I quickly snatched the two up.

These may be the last two available, ever!

I’m not sure why these ridiculously awesome notebooks were discounted, but I was ridiculously lucky to get my hands on two.

They’re probably going to my most treasured notebooks.



Unfortunately, Lost Crates is on a long indeterminate hiatus. They sent me their last Petite Stationery crate at the beginning of October. It was their best one yet.

paperback writer
This small, brown notebook is perfect for jotting down notes. It’s super handy, on par with French Shirt Notebook by Pocket Dept from April.

Paperback Notebook

Action Cahier by Action Method
The Action Cahier is an oddball. Its no-nonsense black cover conceals the colorful pages inside. On one side of the page is a matrix of dots; the other, beige and teal stripes. I’m not sure how to work the Action Cahier yet, but I’m sure it’ll help me become more productive.
Action Cahier

French Paper Notebook
Small with gorgeous patterned covers, these notebooks are the reason why I became interested in stationery. They’re so perfect for everything. I have to think hard to fill them with appropriately awesome things.
French Paper Notebook
Lost Crates provided such wonderful surprises over the past year. Through them I became acquainted with so many quaint companies. I am a little sad to see them go, and hope they will come back one day.