Tiny Treasures

Earlier this year, I started taking hip hop dance classes. Unfortunately, after every groove, my glasses would slide down my face and I would have to readjust.

ear grips

I found an account by a doctor who used silicone ear grips to help keep their glasses in place, to reduce the number of times they would need to touch their face. Intrigued, I decided to purchase a pack.

These goofy-looking tips work wonders! They have a surprisingly strong grip strength and allow me to shake my head to my heart’s content.

If you’re one of the few people who choose to wear glasses to dance, I strongly recommend them!

Harry and I aren’t big gift givers so we were surprised when we received gifts from family and friends.

We got:

    1. Custom made puzzles
    2. Kenya-made treats from my new team
    3. Dino costume
    4. Home-baked cookie

They’re delightful! Thanks!

My Ergodox Ez came today!


It’s my first mechanical keyboard and I love it! I’m especially tickled by the red light when you go into code mode.

It’s open hardware and open firmware, and feels well made in general.

I’ve been meaning to get a mechanical keyboard for ages, and finally pulled the trigger when a friend gotten one.

Check it out if you’re in the market for a mechanical keyboard.