Shows, Events, & All That Jazz

I recently discovered a group of friends live in this house they named “hygge”.

Hygge is a Danish word that briefly translates to “coziness that gets people through the dark Danish winters”.

How delightful!

small infinities

Most recently, I went to see Small Infinities with hygge friends. It’s a play about the life of Issac Newton, and turned out to be more bleak than I’d anticipated.

Overall, I like hanging out with the hygge folks a lot. They tend to be a lot more interested in arts and humanities than my typical group of friends, which feels really nice.

Will hangout again 🙂

I finally got to meet Bassam at LibrePlanet 2016.

He’s a super cool person who runs an animation studio using libre tools!


I went to his Blender API talk and learned that if you right click on any menu button, you can edit the source of that button!


Anyhoo, this was my first year at LibrePlanet and I really liked it. Lots of awesome socially conscious folks doing awesome work. Definitely thinking about going again next year.

Here’s some highlights from the rest of CES / my Vegas trip:


There was congee at the hotel’s breakfast buffet! SO GOOD!


First time playing craps, I won $10 and then immediately took my winnings and ran.


Harry and I imagined having fish for dinner.

Overall, fun trip. Got to talk to a lot of people about 3D printing. Got to see some friends (great surprises).

No Elvis though.