Nom Nom Nom


A week ago, I finally tried the Impossible Burger, a veggie burger that’s suppose to taste like real beef.

To me, the burger was… uncomfortably real?

It had a very “meaty” texture, complete with grease drippings.

Back when I ate beef burgers, I shyed away from anything that wasn’t well done. Eating a medium-rare Impossible Burger triggered some of my rare-avoidance instincts.
I had to actively tell myself it’s only a veggie burger. Neat!

I don’t think being “too real” is a flaw in a veggie burger, but I was definitely surprised. I’d grown accustomed to the variety of over-hyped, bland veggie burgers on the market.

The Impossible Burger was different!

At the time, I was a little horrified eating it, but I think I’ll try it again.

Y’all should try it if you haven’t. It is definitely an experience to remember.

There were two awesome things that happened at the recent Wyss Meet n’ Greet.

The first was I got to try some Romanesco broccoli!


I’d really wanted to eat these ever since I found out about from Josh them many years ago. He described looking at a Romanesco broccoli as looking at infinity. Now I got to taste some infinity! (It tastes like regular broccoli.)

The second awesome thing was I reconnected with Lynda.

So when I’m in lab, I would sometimes see a really familiar person walk by. We would sort of stare at each other, trying to figure out where we’d seen the other person. She came up and introduced herself as Lynda in the Meet n’ Greet. Turns out she was in some of my classes way back!


I now know she’s in the Yin lab, so I’m definitely gonna try to stop by and say hi whenever I see her around.