Nom Nom Nom

In early July a couple of friends came to visit us in Vancouver.

While they were here we took a walk around the Lost Lagoon in Stanley Park.

As we were walking, one friend, Fish, spotted some salmonberries in the bushes and offered me some.

I was delighted! The last time I ate wild berries was in middle school, picking them from Ohio wetlands. It was the golden time before the food-safety anxieties of adult life.


I’ll definitely be on the lookout for these tart treats on future walks.

I visited to Rwanda a couple of months ago and tried urwagwa, a local alcoholic drink made from bananas.

I was too timid to purchase homebrew versions at food stalls so I ended up ordering it at at upscale restaurant called Heaven Restaurant.

It tasted like caramelized bananas in a tarte tatin!


Harry and I started making hand pulled noodles for the New Year!


Although we’re still mastering the pulling, the flavors and textures are quite good.

If you’re looking to get started, check out the recipe from Xi’an Famous Foods:

I was in Nariobi for a week and decided to splurge on eating out.

My Favorites (Updated 2023)


Maybe we’ll add these to Harry’s list when he’s tried them.

I decided to make chili the other day.

kenyan chili

As I was collecting the ingredients, I realized chili is basically kachumbari and githeri boiled together.

It’s neat how tomatoes, onions, and beans are universal.