Nom Nom Nom

I visited to Rwanda a couple of months ago and tried urwagwa, a local alcoholic drink made from bananas.

I was too timid to purchase homebrew versions at food stalls so I ended up ordering it at at upscale restaurant called Heaven Restaurant.

It tasted like caramelized bananas in a tarte tatin!


Harry and I started making hand pulled noodles for the New Year!


Although we’re still mastering the pulling, the flavors and textures are quite good.

If you’re looking to get started, check out the recipe from Xi’an Famous Foods:

I was in Nariobi for a week and decided to splurge on eating out.

My Favorites

    • Mama Rocks
      • Great burgers and shakes, lots of locations
    • Silk Noodles
      • Authentic Chinese noodle soups
    • Taco 253
      • Great tacos at the Village Market
    • The Arbor Place
      • Their menu rotates. I had great Malaysian food when I went
    • Cheka
      • Tasty Japanese stir fries, no vegetarian ramen though 😦
    • Kesh Kesh Cafe
      • Delicious Eritrean food
    • Habesha
      • Classic Ethiopian. Jess says it’s an institution in Nariobi
    • Shokudo
      • Saucy tofu bowls
    • Abyssinia
      • Another awesome Ethiopian restaurant


Maybe we’ll add these to Harry’s list when he’s tried them.

I decided to make chili the other day.

kenyan chili

As I was collecting the ingredients, I realized chili is basically kachumbari and githeri boiled together.

It’s neat how tomatoes, onions, and beans are universal.




Sean, Hyunjin, and I went to the market today and I got some sweet bananas.

sweet bananas

These are just little compared to regular bananas.

Sean says they taste much better, but I don’t think they’re any different.

They have jam jar and paneer pizza here!


Jar jam is one of the few wines I like and the paneer pizza rivals Tasty Subs and Pizza in California.

I feel so at home!