Life Happenins’

Hyunjin just went back to Canada. Before he left, he told me his awesome experience getting a pilot’s license.


Since Boulder is such a good place for aviation, I’m seriously considering going to ground school when I get back.

Gimp and I are on the outs right now.

I’m on a laptop with a version of Gimp that doesn’t play nicely with my tablet.

I’m this close to getting some real paint and giving up digital.


On the plus side, there are some pretty sweet spots around Kisumu that would make fine speed paintings.


Vinay and I went to Hippo Point this weekend.

Hippo Point overlooks Lake Victoria and is where everyone hangs out on the weekends. There are makeshift restaurants and markets and DJs playing music from cars.

I definitely want to spend more time there.

If you’re taking doxy for malaria prophylaxis, be sure to take it with lots of water.


I made the mistake of taking it dry one night.

Not great.

Felt like I had a heartburn for a week.

Lesson learned.