Life Happenins’

Harry, Brian, and I just finished our trip to the Great Barrier Reef. We went on a fantastic liveaboard with Mike Ball Expeditions.

While Harry wrote a wonderful post (with amazing underwater photography by Laurence), I captured the moments through doodles.

For the dives, the entry to the ocean was jumping from a rather high deck. It was quite alarming at first.

leap of faith

I also had trouble with buoyancy control and nearly fell on a potato cod.


Over time, my dives went a lot smoother. I saw lots of marine life and even caught a glimpse of the last of the minke whale migration!

whale hello there

Towards the end of the liveaboard I did my first ever night dive. It was very surreal using a flashlight to uncover animals in the dark.


I’d highly recommend Mike Ball Expeditions if you’re considering diving in the GBR. Since I was newer to diving than Harry or Brian, a dive instructor generously accompanied me on almost every dive. Everyone was super friendly and helpful and I definitely improved my diving skills.

Brian recorded a lot of underwater videos. I’ll link to them when he uploads them.

Kike (“KEE-kay”, Swahili) likes to lounge in the sunny spots of our yard.


Recently I learned she can hop the fence.

Now I imagine her off to all sorts of adventures in the neighborhood.

Eric and I went to visit the Kisumu Railway station today.


It was originally built in 1901 but is no longer in use.

A few enterprising businesses moved in.

One was a restaurant on the train platform.


Another is a bar that’s being built in the central building.

It’s a terrific venue so I’m delighted to see the space being reclaimed.