Life Happenins’

Kike (“KEE-kay”, Swahili) likes to lounge in the sunny spots of our yard.


Recently I learned she can hop the fence.

Now I imagine her off to all sorts of adventures in the neighborhood.

Eric and I went to visit the Kisumu Railway station today.


It was originally built in 1901 but is no longer in use.

A few enterprising businesses moved in.

One was a restaurant on the train platform.


Another is a bar that’s being built in the central building.

It’s a terrific venue so I’m delighted to see the space being reclaimed.

I went to see the Elgon Cup yesterday at Mamboleo .

My boda driver took a less-traveled route so I was surprised to see tents suddenly pop up after long stretches of wild grass.


The venue was awesome. You could go right up to the field!


I’d watched a lot of American football growing up, but never rugby. I had no idea what was happening.


Music blasted from the a stage during intermission and half time.

Final score:

Uganda Lady Cranes 13 – Kenya Lionesses 44

Uganda Cranes 16 – Kenya Simbas 13