Life Happenins’

I know this is the second post about these pumpkin fellas, but I’m seriously excited about them.




I went to check up on the local bee hives again. This time, since there’s actual bees, I wore a beekeeper’s suit.


Also I finally understood how beekeepers separate out frames with honey from frames with larvae. Aside from the bee’s natural tendency to not put honey and larvae cells together, beekeepers put a grate such that the queen lives below the grate and lays eggs. Since the queen is to big too pass through the grate, the frames above the grate can only be honey. Neat!

bee box

I’d been attending a lot of Ricky and Morty events recently.

When the Rickmobile stopped in San Jose, I got up real early to check it out.


There was a massive line to buy merchandise, but luckly no line to take photos. I was surprised by the turnout.

One local bar also hosted a Rick and Morty viewing party for the season premier.

They had show inspired drinks and McNuggets with Mulan sauce.

Mulan Sauce

I don’t know if the sauce was the real deal, but it was incredibly popular among the guests. I only got to sample the dregs but it tasted like General Tso’s. I wasn’t impressed.

All these Rick and Morty themed events were fun. I’d definitely go to more, if they happen.

I went to a Giants game.

Giants baseball

I’d never liked baseball very much, but this outing was actually super fun.

The stadium had delightful Americana foods like hot dogs, fries, and bubble tea.

The game was excitingly close. The Giants were down until Posey stepped up to hit a home run. The crowd went wild.

It was a charming summer event.

So Photobucket recently decided to change its terms of service without warning.

I’d used Photobucket for many years to host pictures for this blog, but now I have to move ’em one by one. Sigh

Anything older than 2014 is likely to be broken until I migrate them. Sorry!

photobucket sadness

In the meantime, check out the updates at Software Witch.