Life Happenins’

I went hiking with some friends this weekend and our trail took us through a herd of grazing cows.

Number 645 wasn’t too pleased with us mucking about her field.

cow standoff

It was a tense standoff!

My heart was beating pretty fast when we tiptoed around her.



Earlier this week, I got to work a little bit in a professional kitchen.

It was so much fun!

The setting was every bit as magical as the kitchens on culinary shows.

The staff was exceptionally friendly, and welcomed me to their kitchen family.


They taught me how to make pizza!

Even though I’d been exposed to kitchen workings through various media, I was still impressed by how hard everyone works to get everything ready and how smooth the whole operation was, from prepping to service.

I’m really glad to have gotten a glimpse of the real kitchen life.

Two days ago, Harry and I went to hang out with some local beekeepers.

We got to harvest honey off the frames!

It was super fun (and sticky)!


I’d always wondered how to tell honey cells apart from the cells with bee larvae. Turns out, they’re colored super differently. The larvae cells also tended to cluster together away from the honey cells, with some empty cells in between. Neat!

I’d read Honeybee Democracy by Thomas D. Seeley and was always kinda fascinated by bees in general. This was my first time up close to a hive. Unfortunately, there weren’t many actual bees around. The colonies seemed to have suffered colony collapse since their last hive check. Bummer. 😦

I learned a lot about beekeeping from this experience. The beekeepers will be getting more bees come Spring so Harry and I will get some more hands on practice.

Until next time!


There’s some neat Python things happening in my life recently.

First, I went to the Bay Python Area Interest Group (BayPIGgies). It was a delightful group that reminded me much of Boston Python. I also haven’t gone to a meet up in a while so this felt especially good to touch base with a community.

Second, a few friends are speaking at PyCon! Check them out: