Life Happenins’

I’m finally free of Photobucket!

Last July they decided to remove free image hosting and I was stuck with the unfortunate task of migrating 5+ years of pictures for this blog.


Now I’m free! I migrated the last one today.

I’m feelin’ fine.

A couple weeks ago, Eli took us on a tour of the local Pick-n-Pull.


It was a really neat place where folks go to salvage car parts.

Cars in various states of disrepair lined up neatly in rows. There was even an app to help locate specific models!


We saw cars in all sorts of configurations and had fun speculating the causes of damages.

I wish I knew more about cars.

It would’ve been neat to recognize the missing pieces.

We went to a delightful Python conference this past weekend in the small town of Petaluma.

North Bay Python

The entire conference took place inside a cute little theater.

There were tons of great talks, from the keynotes by Brandon Rhodes and Carina C Zona to our friend George.

I loved the atmosphere of the conference. It was very charming.

As always, here are some great conference quotes:

“Monkey patching is software bankruptcy.” ~Brandon Rhodes

“You want to ride the line between funny and what the hell did [the bot] just say.” ~Benno Rice