Life Happenins’

Nairobi feels different than when I left in 2020. Many shops and restaurants closed. A lucky few expanded.

I was heartbroken to discover metal gates shuttering Silk Noodles and Canton Snacks near Argwings Arcade. They were my favorite Chinese restaurants.

Michael noticed one Google review mentioned Silk Noodles had relocated. So last evening, we ventured out to find the new Silk Noodles.

What we discovered was a Chinatown!

Chinatown was a massive complex filled with restaurants and specialty shops.

The main grocery store stocked authentic ingredients. They even had zha cai, a vegetable I’d struggled to find in Vancouver!

Dinner at Silk Noodles was delicious, as always.

For a long time, I’d thought GIMP had bad support for tablets. Aside from feeling a lot of kinetic dissonance from the choppy feedback, I saw multiple mouse cursors. One cursor was from my laptop touch pad and another from my Wacom stylus. The two moved independently and stylus cursor disappeared every time I navigated away from the canvas.


I searched a lot for GIMP tablet configurations and Wacom drivers for Linux, but turns out it was a Wayland issue.

Gnome with Xorg solved everything!

Hope this helps whoever else stumbles across this.

Happy New Year!

Yesterday, I got some amazing noodles at Canton Snacks. (They open as early as 8am in the morning so you can eat noodles all day!)


Today I hit up Two Rivers Mall for their Lunar New Year event. It was delightfully cheesy and reminded me a lot of the cultural festivals in the Midwestern United States! They had stations for learning calligraphy, learning chopsticks, trying on historical costumes, etc. Everyone looked like they had a great time.

At the Chinese knot station, I had trouble assembling the knots and a friendly Kenyan helped me out. I was really impressed ’cause he spoke amazing Chinese!

I didn’t expect Nairobi to host any kind of Lunar New Year events so this was a charming surprise my first weekend back in Kenya.

Harry, Brian, and I just finished our trip to the Great Barrier Reef. We went on a fantastic liveaboard with Mike Ball Expeditions.

While Harry wrote a wonderful post (with amazing underwater photography by Laurence), I captured the moments through doodles.

For the dives, the entry to the ocean was jumping from a rather high deck. It was quite alarming at first.

leap of faith

I also had trouble with buoyancy control and nearly fell on a potato cod.


Over time, my dives went a lot smoother. I saw lots of marine life and even caught a glimpse of the last of the minke whale migration!

whale hello there

Towards the end of the liveaboard I did my first ever night dive. It was very surreal using a flashlight to uncover animals in the dark.


I’d highly recommend Mike Ball Expeditions if you’re considering diving in the GBR. Since I was newer to diving than Harry or Brian, a dive instructor generously accompanied me on almost every dive. Everyone was super friendly and helpful and I definitely improved my diving skills.

Brian recorded a lot of underwater videos. I’ll link to them when he uploads them.