Clothing Musings

I am never ordering online from American Apparel again.


Last night I bought a dress from them, and was checking using Paypal.

On the final order confirmation page, I noticed the shipping address was incorrect and corrected it.


Minutes later, I get a confirmation email with the olde, incorrect address.

Surprised, I immediately email customer service to fix this problem. (I couldn’t call ’cause calling service was closed for the night).

This morning, I wake up a shipping confirmation to the incorrect address.


I call up customer service, explain what happened, and was responded with, “we can’t do anything.”

American Apparel, go hire some engineers to fix this problem.


Now, I’m out $50, and not getting anything >=[

Once upon a time I owned many woot shirts. They fit great, were 100% cotton, and had delightful designs.

However, over time, each one suffered the plague of gaping mystery holes that cropped up on the bottom.

mystery holes

Last month, I finally tossed these threadbare treasures. It was a rough, nostalgic parting, but I figured I should start my new life in New York with some less raggedy wear.

Replenishing the shirt supply has been a slow process, since I feel too olde for woot.

However, recently, as luck would have it, I found awesome shirts!

new shirts

Once was a nice blue cotton blend with a half-zippered pocket and another was a stripped pure cotton with buttons on the side.

I really like ’em and hope to find more like these. They are the beginning of a new shirt era.


A little while ago, I attended a Marshalls Find Your Fabulous event. I’ve always really like Marshalls, often finding really delicious off-brand snacks amongst their isles. For some reason, they just seem to have a better selection than TJMaxx, even though they’re owned by the same parent company.

Find Your Fabulous

Drawn by the promise of free cupcakes and lemonade, I shuffled downtown, to a large Fenway  store that I’ve never been before.

I saw a lot of other shoppers, some there for the event, and some perusing the wares on a typical Wednesday afternoon.

price is right

There were giveaways in the form of Price is Right. Guests were given the typical retail price of an item, and guessed Marshalls’ price. I saw an old lady win a big red bag. It was adorable.


Apparently local fashion bloggers / celebrities were also attending this event. I always feel a little uncomfortable when the internet meets the real life, but they were cool people. I didn’t really follow their blogs, but it was interesting talkin’ to them and stuff.


I ended up buying a black floor-length dress. I admit it’s made of rayon (not cotton! gasp) and a tad too big on me, but it seemed like easy-wearin’ for the summery months. I could just throw it on and skedaddle.

I wore it we my friends and I went hiking in Maine (not the best of choices), and I saw another lady wearing the same dress just the other night.

I like it. Dunno what else to say.