Materials for Making Keycaps

I’ve been watching the L2K tutorials on Youtube to learn to cast keycaps.

While the tutorials are fantastic, I had to watch several times to compile a list of materials. I’m starting from scratch so I needed to acquire everything.

For the Two-Part Silicone Mold

For the Resin Keys

  • Polyurethane resin (I accidentally got epoxy resin, but it turned out great because they have similar properties and you don’t need a respirator)
  • Resin dye (any solid/mica dye or a liquid dye)
  • Mold release (see above)
  • Sand paper (to polish the keycap bottom)
  • Pressure pot (I don’t have one but the videos strongly recommend this)

General supplies

  • Graduated syringes (you’ll need to mix 1:1 ratios for silicone and resin; catheter tips are better than Luer locks or needles)
  • Disposable containers (I’m using plastic egg cartons and other household plastic refuse)
  • Stirrers (any small stick will work)

Update: see the ZButt wiki for other recommended tools and suppliers


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