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If you’re using Activerecord Enums, it’s common to store the values that represent the enums as integers in the database. If you wanted more guarantees from the database, you’d store the values as SQL enums. However, Rail’s schema dump doesn’t SQL enums very well.

Here are some tradeoffs:

Integers SQL enums
Database Guarantees No Yes
schema.rb Supported Not supported (need to use structure.sql)

Here’s a good tutorial on how to use Activerecord Enums for either case.

Harry and I aren’t big gift givers so we were surprised when we received gifts from family and friends.

We got:

    1. Custom made puzzles
    2. Kenya-made treats from my new team
    3. Dino costume
    4. Home-baked cookie

They’re delightful! Thanks!

I’m new to both Kotlin and Android development. Since my upcoming job will focus on building an Android app in Kotlin, I’m going through some tutorials to ease my ramp up.

A lot of Kotlin+Android tutorials assume the reader is already familiar with Android development. Unfortunately, I need a gentler entry.

As someone who’s familiar with web development and knows a little Java, here’s what I found to be helpful:

    1. Kotlin Koans – Forget about setting up your favorite text editor to run Kotlin, and just dive right in. The online Kotlin playground gives you a taste of the language.
    2. Codelabs for Android Developer Fundamentals (V2) – I’m not sure how much Google will maintain these codelabs, but for now, they’re a solid introduction. All the sample code and tasks are in Java, but you can easily write everything in Kotlin.
    3. Keddit — Intro: Learn Kotlin while developing an Android App – This tutorial assumes you’re comfortable with Java and Android development. It gives good advice on how to interface with various libraries.

Other resources I’ve heard are good (but haven’t dug into yet):

  1. Kotlin in Action – I’ve seen this book mentioned in a lot of places but haven’t had a chance to read it yet.
  2. Lynda Courses by Chiu-Ki – I met Chiu-Ki at a local Meetup. She’s been mentoring a lot of junior developers in the area. I heard from the junior devs that they found her Lynda courses to be super helpful. I haven’t watched any of the lessons yet, but they seem like a good resource.


I’m still in the early stages of learning and will revise this post once I’m a couple months in.

Got other suggestions? Let me know!

Harry and I moved to Boulder. As a part of our drive out here, we stopped in Santa Fe to see Meow Wolf.

I think of Meow Wolf as somewhere on the spectrum between Burning Man and Sleep No More. It’s the product of many independent artists, but impressively congealed into one large exhibit.

My favorite moment was walking around an old house and seeing people walk out of the refrigerator. Were they time travelers?!


After that encounter, I suspended a lot of assumptions about household appliances, and really began prodding for secret passageways.

Even though I’m sure I’ve missed a lot of rooms, Meow Wolf doesn’t feel like it has the same repeatability as Sleep No More. Still, I highly recommend a visit if you’re in the Santa Fe area!