I Tried The Impossible Burger


A week ago, I finally tried the Impossible Burger, a veggie burger that’s suppose to taste like real beef.

To me, the burger was… uncomfortably real?

It had a very “meaty” texture, complete with grease drippings.

Back when I ate beef burgers, I shyed away from anything that wasn’t well done. Eating a medium-rare Impossible Burger triggered some of my rare-avoidance instincts.
I had to actively tell myself it’s only a veggie burger. Neat!

I don’t think being “too real” is a flaw in a veggie burger, but I was definitely surprised. I’d grown accustomed to the variety of over-hyped, bland veggie burgers on the market.

The Impossible Burger was different!

At the time, I was a little horrified eating it, but I think I’ll try it again.

Y’all should try it if you haven’t. It is definitely an experience to remember.

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