Monthly Archives: July 2017

I went to a Giants game.

Giants baseball

I’d never liked baseball very much, but this outing was actually super fun.

The stadium had delightful Americana foods like hot dogs, fries, and bubble tea.

The game was excitingly close. The Giants were down until Posey stepped up to hit a home run. The crowd went wild.

It was a charming summer event.

Harry and I went to a theme park recently, where we played tons of carnival games.

We had a lot of fun at this one particular game where we competed against other players by rolling balls into holes with higher point values.

carnival games

Harry got really good at the game and ended up winning a fidget spinner.

Now he fidgets all the time. 😛


A week ago, I finally tried the Impossible Burger, a veggie burger that’s suppose to taste like real beef.

To me, the burger was… uncomfortably real?

It had a very “meaty” texture, complete with grease drippings.

Back when I ate beef burgers, I shyed away from anything that wasn’t well done. Eating a medium-rare Impossible Burger triggered some of my rare-avoidance instincts.
I had to actively tell myself it’s only a veggie burger. Neat!

I don’t think being “too real” is a flaw in a veggie burger, but I was definitely surprised. I’d grown accustomed to the variety of over-hyped, bland veggie burgers on the market.

The Impossible Burger was different!

At the time, I was a little horrified eating it, but I think I’ll try it again.

Y’all should try it if you haven’t. It is definitely an experience to remember.

taxis license

Jenny is a citizen scientist. Right now she’s more citizen than scientist, but she still has big dreams.

A while ago, Andy introduced us to Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire, a mobile game. Here’s my taxi license if I was a driver.

I love the game’s AMAZING characters. I mean, look at this:

Y’all should play.

So Photobucket recently decided to change its terms of service without warning.

I’d used Photobucket for many years to host pictures for this blog, but now I have to move ’em one by one. Sigh

Anything older than 2014 is likely to be broken until I migrate them. Sorry!

photobucket sadness

In the meantime, check out the updates at Software Witch.