Monthly Archives: December 2015

Harry’s mom, aunt, and I took a trip to Hollywood Casinos yesterday.

I mostly just browsed around until I saw a House of the Dead-themed slot machine!

House of the Dead was one of my favorite arcade games as a child so encountering this reincarnation was hilarious.

house zombie

Its reels had images of low-resolution zombies and for the bonus rounds, you actually shoot zombies for money.

I spent $3 on this machine and it was well more than $3 of entertainment.


I’d always wanted to time travel whenever I go on international flights.

Traveling forwards is easy, since most of the world is ahead of US time, but traveling backwards is a lot harder, since it requires the plane to fly really fast.

Last week, I finally did it! I left Beijing around 1:50pm and landed in Boston around 1:30pm!


I feel so magical.