I’m addicted to Puzzle & Glory

It all started so innocently, when Andy was like, “check out this game my studio made”.

Two days later, full blown addiction.

Now, I can’t stop playing Puzzle & Glory. I play it everywhere: walking around town, cooking dinner, laying in bed. That can’t be healthy right?


Puzzle & Glory is a neat combination of Bejeweled and RPG combat. Here I’m rockin’ my favorite team of Fury, Highguard Alastor, and Everflame Shrike ready to do puzzle battles.

Andy looked over my screen the other day and was startled by my numerous unclaimed heroes, filling up my sidebar. I wish I could claim all of them, but I’m out of hero slots. Everyday, I’m desperately trying to earn jewels to buy more hero slots and claim the heroes before they disappear. It’s definitely a Gotta Catch ‘Em All attitude remnant from my Pokemon days.

Anyhoo, Puzzle & Glory is super fun. There’s a lot of interesting mechanics. Go try it out!

(just be a little cautious ’cause it’s super addictive)

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