Church Lab Retreat

Yesterday I went on the Church Lab Retreat!

Up in the New Hampshire woods, everyone crowded around a tiny projector to listen to silly 5 minute talks.

george church

George talked about terraforming Venus.

Some quotes from the talks:

“The paper was so dense, not even light could escape.” ~ Paul

“I’ve been offered more than 5 minutes, but I won’t take them. I have 1000 slides.” ~ George

“Puzzle boxes can be NP hard” ~ Kevin

One of the talks was about natto. A sample platter was passed around.


Let’s say it’s very much an acquired taste.

There were also other notable moments, like when Joe taught everyone how to throw a giant net, me eating the best veggie burger I’ve had in my life, people’s horror encountering a clivus toliet for the first time.

I got to share a ride with my new favorite grad students Johnny and Su and unexpectedly hung out with Veronica before she left for NYC.

It was a super fun time!

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