Wrong About 3D Hubs

About 2 years I first learned of 3D Hubs. It didn’t impress me very much. What I thought was just another startup trying to capitalize on idle 3D printers turned out to explode in a very quick time frame.

3D Hubs isn’t just a marketplace. It fosters communities. I believe that community focus is what propelled it levels above their competition.

It took me a while to realize I’m not their target audience. Sure, I love 3D printing and have traditionally outsourced the printing to online services. What I wanted was cheap and high quality prints from industrial machines. What 3D Hubs provided was locally made prototypes and a platform to exchange ideas about 3D printing. Their strong Meetup presence is a beacon for novices and a magnet for enthusiasts.

As long as they keep the community spirit alive, I think 3D Hubs will keep goin’ strong.

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