Monthly Archives: May 2015

Society of Mind

Perhaps because I recently suggested The Emotion Machine to a friend or perhaps because I’m back in the city where my researcher friends haunt, I picked up The Society of Mind. I’ve read parts of it before, not in a full setting like this.

I’d forgotten how fascinating Marvin Minsky‘s models of the mind were.

I wish I’d read these books earlier, before that special day when Robert, Dylan, Harry, and I went to have tea with Minsky at his home. It would’ve made me more in awe in the presence of a great AI and cognitive science researcher.

Anyhoo, I highly recommend The Society of Mind, as well as The Emotion Machine. Even if you’re not interested in AI, they give you really nice mental models on why you think they way you think.

farewell NYC

Farewell New York, I’m shipping up to Boston.

I’m gonna miss so many aspects about you:

  • Working with the best team / best people
  • Never worrying about subway closing at night
  • Never having trouble finding late night grub
  • Best / most efficient primary care doctor
  • Assorted wonderful meetups

New York, you stay cool, you hear?

I’ll visit you!