PyCon 2015 – Talks Day 2

Day 2 time! Here are some highlights:

Guido van Rossum

Guido gave an awesome keynote! Folks, switch to Python 3! Women, become a core Python dev!

Gabriella Coleman

Gabriella followed up with a really interesting talk on her anthropological studies of Anonymous and free software organizations.

Disney gift

Disney gave out little 3D printed microbots as gifts to the speakers. So neat!

Jessica McKellar

I saw Jessica! She and Ned were the first ones to tell me about PyCon about two years ago. They were also the first ones to encourage me to submit a proposal. I’m really glad I met them ’cause I’m a PyCon speaker now!

fountain show

Later in the night, after a fish n’ chips dinner with the Warby folks, Harry, Albert, and I walked through an underground mall, when we were surprised with a light and water show. Here’s the last scene of that show.

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