PyCon 2015 – Tutorial Day 2

My morning was spent in bed recovering from yesterday’s madness.

My work buddies have arrived in Montreal. They brought along a Kareem plushie to model in touristy photos.

Kareem Plushie

In the afternoon, following my personal PyCon tradition, I helped packed swag bags. If you grab a swag bag tomorrow, there’s probably 1/5 chance I helped pack it!


Later in the evening I ran into Ned, who gave me an honorary Boston Python sticker! I feel so honored!

Check out his talk on Saturday: Facts and Myths about Python names and values

Boston Python

Now it’s nearing midnight, and Michelle and I are chillin’ in our hotel room, sprucing up our presentations last minute.

work work

Check out her talk tomorrow: Grids, Streets and Pipelines: Building a linguistic street map with scikit-learn

It’s right before mine: 3D Print Anything with the Blender API

So excited for tomorrow!

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