Favorite NYC Meetups

There’s a vast array of different meetups in NYC, and when I first moved here I felt compelled to attend as many as possible. Now that I’ve situated myself a little more, I find myself only attending a few select ones out of the 30+ I’ve joined. These meetups are of the highest quality and offer something special.

So without further ado, here’s a list of my favorite NYC meetups: It was a lot of fun hangin’ with everyone 🙂

  • LispNYC
    • There are tons of programming meetups in NYC, but this one hosts a lot of talks on mathematics, which I love. You also get to meet a lot of brilliant and quirky people, (like Jay). Pretty neat.
  • Ladies Who Code
    • This is one of the best women-programmer-focused meetups I’ve been to. A lot of meetups will cater to beginner women developers, but this one fosters a community of women developers at all levels. There’s a lot discussion/support on how to better the field overall.
  • New York Corgi Meetup
    • Who doesn’t love corgis? This meetup is super silly and lots of fun. Lots of people who attend don’t own corgis, but come anyway for the corgi love.

Runner up:

  • New York City Emacs
    • Since I’m not a Emacs user, I’m not getting a ton of value. However, a lot of neat and interesting people come to this meetup, and there are sometimes really neat discussions. Harry also puts in a lot of work to make sure this meetup goes great.

If you’re ever in NYC, be sure to check ’em out!

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