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It’s been a while since I started my project to 3D print glasses frames, and I’m really excited to share the results.

3D printed glasses frame

Here is my 3D printed glasses holding real prescription lenses!

In the first iteration of this project, I took an image and created a 3D printable glasses frame, using code and Blender.

A single click is all it took to procedurally generate the 3D model.

SVG to glasses

Since that first iteration, I learned a lot more about the actual design of glasses frames and improved my algorithms.

I decided to test my algorithm by copying a pair of frames I already own.

Using an image of the front view of my glasses frame, my Blender script created this 3D model:

generated glasses

I manually added lens grooves to fit my prescription lenses.


I popped the prescription lenses out of my frame and popped them into my 3D printed frame.

popped out lenses

They fit astonishingly well.

3D printed glasses frame

To make your own, check out the previous post for instructions.

To create lens grooves for your 3D model:

  1. In Edit mode, use the Knife tool on a nosepad to create a boundary between the nosepad and the frame


  1. Use the Loop Cut and Slice tool to create three edge loops. They will be boundaries of the lens grooves.

Here’s the first loop:

Loop Cut and Slice

The next two loops will be on both sides of the middle loop.

  1. Select the middle edge loop and and scale up in the XZ direction. This will create the groove itself.

  2. Do this for both sides.

After creating the lens grooves, your glasses frame is ready for 3D printing.

3D printed glasses

Here’s a video of adding the lenses to the 3D printed glasses:

Since the lenses fit the 3D printed frame pretty well, I can say the algorithm/script creates an accurate enough glasses model for the frame portion. However, there’s more work to be done to make better bridges and nosepads, since the nosepads aren’t quite large enough. For now, the script creates nice prototypes.

Last night, I went to see Then She Fell. It made me feel super lucky to be in a city with such great immersive theater.

It had great characters, great scenes, and lots of magical moments.

I’m going to illustrate some of those magical moments in my upcoming posts.

First up is a tiny room barely large enough to house a stool.


Roses sprawled everywhere, aggressively colonizing both floor and ceiling.

It was in this room where my adventures began.

I went for a ride at SoulCycle today and it was soul much fun.

Living a sedentary life and new to spinning, I spent most of the class clueless and desperately trying to follow along.


There were a few minutes when I got really into the music and peddled the fastest I’ve peddled in my life. It felt AMAZING.

Can’t wait to go back!

I just got back from Nashville and I gotta say, PyTennesee was AWESOME!


My first day started with Lars giving amazing electric bassoon performances accompanying his talk ‘The Well Tempered API’.


The day ended with Ed Finkler giving a really poignant talk on mental health. He mentioned taking a Mental Health First Aid course to help the people around you, which I’m definitely gonna take.


Day two started with Chris Fonnesbeck giving a talk on the importance of statistics. It made me feel like I didn’t take enough math in school and ought to catch up. Time to crack open some books!

I also gave my talk ‘3D Print Anything with the Blender API’ and hopefully inspired people to give Blender a try. As I’ve mentioned, all the code from my talk (like creating glasses and lampshades) are on my GitHub.

❤ BlenderOverall, I had a great time at the conference. Also, I felt like I got the Nashville experience, from all the country music at the airport to the famous hot chicken at Emma’s after party.Special thanks to Carrol, May, and Bono for shuttling me everywhere, and to all the organizers of the conferences.