Atlantic City Outing

Oh man! The two best Jeffs, Kareem, Lee, and I hit up Atlantic City this weekend.

Christmas music

We listened to Christmas music along the way.

Advance to Boardwalk

I’d forgotten that all the Monopoly properties were named after Atlantic City streets, so it was a real treat seeing all the street names.

It was especially fun walking on the Boardwalk.

After dinner, some of us decided to Uber to the casino. The Uber car turned out to be a limo!!!


It was awesome cruising up to the casino like high rollers.

The first casino we went to was Caesars. I lost all my monies there.


Next we went to Wild West, where I actually won some monies back.

Wild Est

Overall I’m still down, but it was a great time.


We ended up playing till the wee hours of the night. I was SOOO sleepy (I’m too olde to stay up nowadays).

The others continued to play long after I’d gone to bed.

This was a really fun trip. Much thanks to the Jeffs for organizing and driving.

Hope we can go again!

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