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It’s that time of the year again!

Last year I was Doc Ock. This year I’m Kareem!

Actually, we’re all Kareems!


Photo by Warby Parker

We went roller skating at Brooklyn Night Bazaar last night. Most terrifying.



The Blender API is a little quirky. You have to either be in OBJECT mode or use bmesh to select or deselect vertices and edges.

Let’s start with a cube, in EDIT mode, with everything deselected.

start box

To select a vertex, one way is to change to OBJECT mode, select the vertex, and change back to EDIT mode.

#change to OBJECT mode

#deselect the 0th vertex['Cube'].vertices[0].select = True

#change to back to EDIT mode

selected vertex

Deselect works very similarly:


#deselect the 0th vertex['Cube'].vertices[0].select = False


And we’re back to the start.

start box

Selecting an edge uses the same principle:


#select the 0th edge['Cube'].edge[0].select = True


selected edge

Deselecting that edge is quite a bit different. You can’t just use:['Cube'].edge[0].select =False

You have to deselect the vertices of an edge first, and then deselect the edge.

bpy.ops.object.mode_set(mode="OBJECT")['Cube'].vertices[0].select = False['Cube'].vertices[1].select = False['Cube'].edges[0].select = False


Occasionally, when switching the mode to deselect doesn’t work (like if you have non-manifold edges selected), or if you want to stay in edit mode, you can use bmesh.

Let’s start with a box with once face removed and non-manifold edges selected
( bpy.ops.mesh.select_non_manifold())

non manifold edges

mesh = bmesh.from_edit_mesh(
mesh.verts[2].select = False #the vertices are indexed differently
mesh.verts[3].select = False
mesh.edges[0].select = False

deselected edge for non manifold

Ta da! The bottom edge is deselected.

Blender 2.71