Burning Man Highlights – Part 4

Last but not least of our Burning Man adventures, in no particular order:

  • We went to the Temple. It was full of memorabilia of loved ones recently passed. I was not expecting that. It was a stark contrast to the rest of Burning Man. The ambiance was sad and heavy. The burning of the Temple on the last day must be very carthartic.
  • Wandering about elsewhere, we were given jello shots with cherries, symbolic of our first time at Burning Man.
    jello shot
  • We also sampled the most refreshing banana orange smoothie, after a long walk.
    banana orange smooth from Camp Juicy
  • I stopped by the Cascading Trading Post, where you spin a wheel, open a draw, and leave something if you take something.
    Cascading Trading Post
  • We found Narwhalia, a camp that hosted a lot of activities like discussions about Narwhal genetics and Narwhal parade.
  • Sand dodgeball happened every night.
  • We learned to build tin can stoves.
    tin can stoves
  • There was an awesome roller disco rink.
    roller disco

Overall, our first time at Burning Man was extremely fun. Lots of love and thanks to everyone in our camp!

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