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Nostalgia time!

Someone just bought a swatch of my Sleep No More fabric. Hope they make something awesome out of it!

It’s been a while since my last Sleep No More trip, and this fabric sent me right back.

You can get a free 8×8 swatch in eco canvas in the next 14 hours!

Caroline dress

Sleep No More

My past trips:

Sleep No More #1

Sleep No More #2

Sleep No More #3


Oh boy! It’s Pygotham weekend!

Alberty, Harry, and I got up obscenely early today to attend this adorable New York python conference.


It was well worth it, ’cause we made it for breakfast, as well as for an amazing welcoming keynote by Hilary Mason.

She told us to stay curious, build community, and pave the way forward for Python (major paraphrase here).

Hilary Mason

After her talk, we briefly met up with my work buddies Adam and Jeff, before scurrying off to the talks.


Throughout the day, I got some nifty stickers for our tech sticker collection! 😀

Tomorrow, Brandon Rhodes is giving the closing keynote tomorrow. I saw him at the last Pycon and he was an amazing speaker!

He’s also going to be the co-chair of Pycon in 2015!

So excited!