City Grit – Veggie Tales

I’d wanted to go to a City Grit dinner ever since I’d heard about them in April. The thought of having a small group of people coming together for a special meal sounded so delectable. Unfortunately, since not every meal could accommodate vegetarians, I never made any reservations and mostly forgotten about them. A few days ago, I got an email saying they’d be having their special all-vegetarian dinner, Veggie Tales. Perfect!

cheese and crackers

After arriving and seating in a small candlelit room, we were served our first course. It was a small sampling of cheese, peaches, black pepper cracker, and pickles.

Very summery.

tomato pie

Next up was tomato pie. This pie had the best, fluffiest, butteriest crust I’ve ever had. The slices of tomato in the pie were SO GOOD!

It was really hard to decide whether I which I liked better: the tomato pie more or the next course, corn and grits.

corn and grits

I haven’t had really good corn in a long time, so this was especially a treat. The texture of the corn with the grits, combined with the snap pea crunch made every bite a delight. I LOVED IT.

ice cream

The night ended with peaches and cream ice cream. With a dollop of heavy cream on top, some boozy cherries, and a burnt caramel sauce, this desert was a great way to end the night.


I liked my first City Grit experience. It was a lot of fun.

If you like intimate dinners, definitely check it out.

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